School of information science and Engineering

The predecessor of the school of information science and engineering, the Department of computer science, was established in December 1985 (the major of computer science and technology began to recruit students in 1984). In March 1995, the Department of computer science and the computing center merged to establish the school of information management, and in September 2005, it was renamed the school of information science and engineering. After more than 30 years of development and construction, it has developed into one of the colleges with strong teaching staff, large enrollment scale, distinctive training characteristics and outstanding teaching and scientific research. Among them, the major of computer science and technology is one of the ten major construction of "Shandong famous school engineering (application based)" and one of the major construction of high-level application-oriented major group in Shandong Province, It is a national first-class professional construction point.

  • There are six departments (departments, institutes) under the college, including the first Department of computer science, the second Department of Computer Science (Public Course Teaching Department), the Department of communication engineering, the Department of Internet of things engineering, the Department of Cyberspace Security and the Software Engineering Research Institute. There are four undergraduate majors, including computer science and Technology (including teacher model), communication engineering, Internet of things engineering and Cyberspace Security It has one provincial characteristic key discipline, one provincial Taishan scholar post and one overseas Taishan scholar post, one first-class discipline doctoral degree authorization point (computer science and Technology) and two first-class discipline master degree authorization points (computer science and technology, information and Technology) Communication Engineering) and three professional degree authorization fields (computer technology, software engineering, vocational and technical education); there is a mobile post doctoral station of computer science and technology; in the ranking of China's best disciplines of soft science in 2019, the computer science and technology major of our college ranks 69th among 138 universities, entering the top 25%, ranking the third among universities in Shandong Province, the first among provincial universities, and the first among national teachers Fan University ranked fifth. At present, there are 1880 full-time undergraduates, 296 master's students and 37 doctoral students.

  • The college has a strong faculty and a reasonable faculty structure. At present, there are 125 teaching staff, including 110 full-time teachers, 23 professors and 36 associate professors, 19 doctoral supervisors and more than 50 master's supervisors, 90 teachers with doctoral degrees, 2 teachers with special allowance from the State Council, 1 National candidate of million talents project, 1 young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution from the state, 4 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution from Shandong Province, and 4 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution from Shandong Province There are 1 outstanding youth in Shandong Province, 5 distinguished professors of Taishan Scholars, 2 first batch experts of high-end talents of think tanks in Shandong Province, 2 national outstanding scientific and technological workers, 2 famous teaching teachers in Shandong Province, 1 returned home to Shandong Province entrepreneurship award, 2 top-notch professional and technical talents in Jinan City, 1 first Quancheng scholar, 1 Shandong Youth Science and Technology Award and other honorary titles.

    The college has excellent experimental teaching conditions and complete experimental equipment. It has 26 professional laboratories, including high-performance cluster, computer application technology, software engineering, Internet of things technology, optical fiber communication, embedded system, computer network, web information technology, microcomputer principle, IOS mobile development, and electronic material evidence. Among them, the "distributed computer software new technology laboratory" is the key laboratory in Shandong Province The laboratory is also the Key Laboratory for strengthening the construction of colleges and universities in Shandong Province during the 11th Five Year Plan period. The information system and network information security laboratory is the Key Laboratory for strengthening the construction of colleges and universities in Shandong Province during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the intelligent information processing and security laboratory has been approved as the Key Laboratory of colleges and universities in Shandong Province during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The college also has 2 Shandong engineering technology research centers, 2 Shandong teaching and research innovation teams, 1 National off campus practice education base, 1 Shandong information technology innovation talents training mode experimental area and 1 Shandong computer science experimental teaching demonstration center. The training base of the education management information center of the Ministry of education, the computer public course examination center of colleges and universities in Shandong Province and other provincial and ministerial centers or bases are attached to our college. Excellent teachers, advanced experimental equipment and experimental practice conditions lay a good foundation for the growth of excellent talents and provide favorable conditions.

    The college has made remarkable achievements in teaching and scientific research. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, the teachers have undertaken 63 National Natural Science Foundation projects and 111 provincial and ministerial level projects, with scientific research funds reaching more than 60 million yuan; published more than 500 high-level academic papers, including more than 100 SCI zone 1 and zone 2 articles, published more than 50 academic monographs and national invention patents; and won 5 provincial and ministerial level awards. The college attaches great importance to teaching reform and teaching material construction. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, it has undertaken more than 50 teaching reform projects at provincial, ministerial and school levels. It has successively won 3 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes for provincial excellent teaching achievements, more than 30 school level excellent teaching achievements awards, 9 new refined courses in Shandong Province and 3 characteristic courses for adult education in Shandong Province, and 1 provincial excellent doctoral thesis and excellent master's thesis 5 papers and 3 provincial Postgraduates' outstanding scientific and technological achievements awards.

    The college attaches great importance to academic exchanges and cooperation, and has established friendly cooperation relations with Hong Kong University of science and technology, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina, University of West Virginia, University of Cambridge, University of Central Queensland and other famous universities at home and abroad; it has established friendly cooperation relations with East Tennessee State University, University of tyside, University of Waterloo, University of Canada The University of Cincinnati and other universities in the United States have jointly built 2 + 2 cooperation projects, and established long-term cooperative research relations with the Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, computing center of Shandong Academy of Sciences, Inspur Group, Zhongchuang software and other scientific research institutes and large enterprises. Over the past five years, the college has successfully hosted three international academic conferences, with more than 300 teachers attending academic conferences at home and abroad, more than 50 undergraduates participating in 2 + 2 and foreign joint training, and 17 undergraduates visiting Taiwan for exchange.

    The college has made outstanding achievements in Party building and ideological and political education for college students. It is the construction unit of innovation base for ideological and political education for college students. The college has won the "top ten advanced units" of the school three times and the "advanced grass-roots party organization" of the school six times. One has won the honorary title of "leading Communist Party member in revitalizing Shandong through science and education" of Shandong Universities, one has won the excellent party workers of Shandong Universities, and one has won the National Award One won the first prize in the instructor skills competition, one won the first prize in the provincial instructor skills competition and the second prize in the national competition; the general League branch of the college won the "May 4th Red Flag" League branch of the school for many times, two classes won the advanced class collective of Shandong Province, one won the top ten counselors of Shandong University; the undergraduate basketball team won the school basketball championship five times in six years, the graduate basketball team won the basketball championship three times, and the students won the basketball championship three times in a row I won the team champion in the school sports meeting.

    The college attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' professional skills and comprehensive quality, makes use of the college's superior conditions and resources to carry out professional and vocational skills training for college students, and strengthens the education of College Students' career planning and classified guidance. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, students have won more than 60 national awards and more than 500 provincial awards in various competitions. Especially in various national competitions, the Czech news has been spread frequently. They have successively won the world's highest award of American Mathematical modeling competition, the first prize of national mathematical modeling competition, the special prize of American Mathematical modeling competition, and ACM-ICPC international undergraduate programming competition Regional gold medal and Shandong champion, "Chong youth" National College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition mobile Internet special competition national silver award, "Challenge Cup" extracurricular academic science and technology competition of university students three prize, "Internet plus" college student innovation and entrepreneurship contest, national three prize, etc., and break through to achieve a new breakthrough. In recent years, the enrollment rate of Undergraduates in our college is 100%, the postgraduate entrance examination rate is more than 30%, and the employment rate of students has been maintained at more than 99.4%, ranking first in the employment rate of the whole college. The college has trained nearly 10000 college graduates (including adult education) and postgraduates for the society, mainly distributed in Colleges and universities, secondary schools, troops, organs, software and communication enterprises inside and outside the province, and has become the backbone of information technology in all walks of life.